Bill Gundy’s career began in the Aerospace Industry where he tirelessly worked his slide rule to further optimize the structural design of airframe components for the B-1 Bomber Project. His interest in structural dynamics and testing then lead him to ANCO Engineers where he quickly became an associate of the company and a key member of the structural analysis and shake table testing group. Bill left ANCO in 1982 with the support and help of his wife Sue to start W.E. Gundy & Associates, Inc. where they focused the business in the field of structural analysis and shake table testing. Bill’s testing expertise led him to the mountains of Idaho for a test project with GE Energy and Power Engineers in 1989. This trip resulted in Bill and Sue moving their family and business to the beautiful back drop of Sun Valley, Idaho where they continue to work splitting their time between Boise and Sun Valley. The jagged mountain lines of the WEGAI logo is that of the mountain views from Bill and Sue’s Sun Valley office.

In 2005, Bill and Sue’s son Dave Gundy, along with fellow student Travis Soppe, graduated with degrees in Civil Engineering from Boise State University. Dave went to work for Bill learning the trade he grew up around while Travis headed to UCSD to work on his master’s degree in structural engineering. In 2009 WEGAI opened a second office in Boise, Idaho and Travis joined the company. The company has continued to see exceptional growth since opening the Boise office and in 2012 both Dave and Travis became full partners in the firm. Dave and Travis share Bill’s passion for structural dynamics and testing and are committed to continuing the company’s focus in these areas.