WEGAI has been a pioneer in equipment qualification by shake table testing long before the OSHPD requirements for special seismic certification. We have been the primary engineers overseeing the testing and qualification of multiple OSHPD OSP listings. Some of this equipment was shake table tested before the developed stringent requirements of OSHPD and was OSP approved due to the high standards followed by WEGAI during testing. WEGAI has developed a proven qualification system and documentation for equipment product lines designed to meet the rigorous OSHPD review for acceptance.

Our system consists of the following steps:

  • Evaluate range of equipment that makes up the product line and develop product line and subcomponent matrices. Matrices will identify and list the most critical components within equipment product line as required by OSHPD.
  • Identify the test units and their subcomponents for testing in order to qualify all equipment and subcomponents listed in product line and subcomponent matrices.
  • Perform finite element modeling of selected equipment to evaluate the seismic withstand capability of the equipment. Suggest and implement modifications to the equipment if needed to increase the probability of a successful test.
  • Develop test plan meeting the AC156 testing requirements for shake table testing.
  • Contract with laboratories for testing, schedule testing, and interface with shake table lab personnel to meet test plan requirements.
  • Licensed California PE shall oversee testing at the lab and ensure tests are performed per the test plan.
  • Prepare and stamp (California PE) seismic qualification report, seismic certificate/label, and all OSHPD OSP required documentation of tested equipment product line.
  • Licensed California SE will review and approve the seismic qualification documentation.
  • Make application to OSHPD for pre-approval and answer any questions or comment from OSHPD in order to gain pre-approval.

WEGAI is committed to making the challenging OSHPD qualification process transparent and straightforward for all equipment manufacturers.  Contact WEGAI for any of your OSHPD qualification questions.


Samples: Recently Completed Applications for Preapproval