WEGAI was contracted by Hubbell to analyze and shake table test their 245kV disconnect switch for qualification to IEEE 693-2005 high performance level.  This unit was the first 245kV disconnect switch tested and qualified at the IEEE 693-2005, 1.0g performance level RRS for 2% damping, on support structure in the actual installed condition.  

The unit was tested at the SEESL research lab at the University of Buffalo, New York.  The footprint of the support structure was wider than even the largest shake table.  Outriggers were designed and analyzed to fit the assembly to the table and ensure they would not amplify the table input motions and represent the installed condition.

Finite Element (FE) analysis was utilized prior to testing to predict the outcome of the test.  We specialize in using FE analysis to predict the results of a shake table test prior to testing thereby revealing any structural weaknesses in design, providing solutions and implementing them to increase the probability of passing the test.

The disconnect switch was tested on a full scale support stand in the in-service condition.