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  • Should I anchor my equipment to the foundation for low or moderate seismic levels?

    Yes, appropriate anchorage of equipment to a foundation can prevent damage from sliding and overturning during low to moderate intensity earthquakes. Although the anchorage may yield slightly, it is more cost effective to repair or replace the anchorage system than damaged equipment.

  • Is there a correlation between IBC and IEEE 693 qualifications, and can I qualify my equipment to both standards?

    Yes there is some correlation between the codes, and achieving both qualifications can be done.  The mapped Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCE) for any given location can be used to determine both the IEEE level and the input for the IBC seismic parameters.  However each code has different safety factors, and methods for determining the seismic loading to the equipment.

  • Do you have a California-licensed civil or structural engineer who meets the requirement for a seismic specialist as defined in IEEE 693?

    Yes, our engineers are California-licensed civil and structural engineers and we specialize in seismic analysis and qualification of equipment to the IEEE 693 standard. We serve on the IEEE 693 committee and meet all of the qualified specialist requirements according to the IEEE 693 standard.

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